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Bison & Cattle Ranching

Out in the pasture, there is a slight breeze and you can just see the sun coming over the rolling hills of North Dakota. The birds are chirping and there’s dew on the morning prairie grass. The 4-wheeler makes its way over to the black angus cattle scattered throughout the north pasture. The driver slowly drives by the cattle making sure they are healthy and have enough to eat. He takes his time, not rushing to stir the cattle or cue them it’s time to move to a different pasture. The cattle pick their heads up ever so slightly to see the 4-wheeler pass by, not caring to move.

The driver repeats this daily, making sure his cattle are respected along with the land. The cattle graze on North Dakota prairie grass and forages all year long. When the land begins to look grazed down the driver will move the cattle to the next pasture that has had an ample amount of time to grow and flourish.

That driver is Jayce Doan, a 5th generation rancher of Black Leg Ranch. He grew up with role models who embodied the mantra of “preserving the prairie”. With their knowledge and understanding of the soil, Jayce knew just how he wanted to raise his animals. In the most natural way possible – out in the pasture, mimicking the way ruminants evolved hundreds of years ago. It is not always easy, but definitely something Jayce is proud of. With three older siblings all finding their own direction, this is Jayce’s niche, out in the pasture with his animals.

Furthermore, there is pride in what is happening at Black Leg Ranch, from regenerative agriculture to holistic management of the animals. By capturing all those aspects, Jayce has created not only “a way of life” as he calls it, but also an amazing end product. This is how Black Leg Ranch Meats formed. In a world full of PUFAs, GMOs, chemicals, “natural” flavors, and processed foods, there needs to be more real.

There’s nothing more real than the meat Black Leg Ranch Meats is producing. When animals are able to be themselves, it creates a nutrient-dense, pro-metabolic, and healthier option among red meat. The Ranch prides itself on not using any antibiotics or added hormones or steroids with its meat. The Ranch knows exactly where their meat is sourced, directly off the ranch, and where it’s processed, locally in ND.

It may not be everyone’s dream to sit out in a pasture watching animals, but for Jayce it is. “The joy and accomplishment of knowing there is good being done at the end of the day far surpasses any amount of monetary gain other life paths may have given me”, states Jayce.

Black Leg Ranch Meats’ mission reads: “To respect the land, eco-system, and our animals; while providing nourishing and local products consumers will be pleased to put on their plate.”

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