Restoring Natural Resources Through Conservation

Here at Black Leg Ranch the Doan family is very engaged in regenerative agriculture. The means we work to restore our natural resources including wildlife.

We utilize holistic management to look at the “whole” as we manage our native grasslands, cropland, wildlife, and livestock.

Our grasslands are managed with planned rotational grazing, allowing for high animal impact, short duration grazing, and long recovery periods. This allows our species diversity to improve, allows our water infiltration to improve, and also improves our ground cover to limit water evaporation. These improvements cause our ability to sequester carbon in the soil to increase. This is a benefit to improving our environment in the world.

Cover crops also help us to improve our soil biology in our no-till farming practices. Building a vibrant soil health biology equates to healthy soil which equates to healthy crops and forages. This then equates to healthy livestock and meat products. Ultimately, all of this leads to healthy human health and a healthy environment.

The Black Leg Ranch is very proud of the many prestigious awards they have been granted including:

  • N.D. Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Region IIV Environmental Stewardship Award
  • National Environmental Stewardship Award
  • Inaugural Aldo Leopold Conservation Award
  • Burleigh County N.D. Soil Health Award

The Ranch is a living classroom for many soil health and grazing tours and workshops. The Doans strive to present a positive message to the public on conservation and agriculture.

Jerry has been an advocate for agriculture and has spoken across the country on soil health, grazing, bringing profitability back, and stacking enterprises to involve the next generation.

For tours, workshops, or speaking, please call: 701-673-3441