6th Generation ranch homesteaded in 1882.

Located 25 miles SE of Bismarck, N.D. the historic Black Leg Ranch is home to rich grasslands just off the Missouri River. When Lewis and Clark had their expedition through the area, they wrote in their journals about the abundant grassland that was saddle high.

The Doan family utilizes Holistic Management to regenerate the grassland and cropland while propagating all the incredible wildlife species.

The Black Leg Ranch is home to herds of cattle and buffalo producing grass finished beef and bison through Black Leg Meats.

The ranch is also home to Rolling Plains Adventures, a full-service hunting/outfitting operation. Pheasants, ducks, geese, Mule deer, white tail deer, and buffalo are all available for hunts with first class lodging and professional guiding.

Black Leg Events utilizes the Copper Jewell barn for Agri-Tourism events, weddings, and many other events including grazing workshops and tours. You can have your event at a historic ranch with all the amenities.

Black Leg Brewery is located in the Copper Jewell barn, brewing great tasting micro- brews.

All of these ventures complement our rich agriculture and livestock industry history and tradition. We like to celebrate our rich western tradition of the past and showcase the opportunity for the future.


Jerry and Renae Doan On Black Leg Ranch

Our history and moving toward an environmentally sustainable approach.