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Horseback riding


Horseback riding is characterized as cross country rather than head to tail or trail riding.  Depending on the ability of the rider and the work at hand, the horses walk, trot, and/or gallop.


horse back riding horse back riding

Each year on the Black Leg Ranch, we receive many head of cattle in the month of May.  They are brought in by semi trailers and kept in our corrals over night.  We closely inspect the cattle for any sign of sickness before the first cattle drive.  From here they are rounded up and driven by horseback to their first pasture for grazing.  From this point on, we drive them by horse every 3-4 days depending on the size of the pasture.  In-between drives we ride through the cattle daily looking for any sign of sickness, cattle leading astray, and/or cattle being caught up in the fence.

We keep a separate herd of cattle consisting of cow/calf pair.  This herd is raised of strictly Black Angus.  During branding, we rope each calf individually to work em by using the tradition ways of the Cowboy.

This is not a “Dude Ranch” nor is it a “Guest Ranch”; we are a “Working Cattle Ranch”.  As a welcomed guest you will get the true Cowboy experience.  You will learn from the BEST, Cowboys who have bloodlines dating back to the early 1600s who were pioneers of this country. 


Horseback riding horse back riding

Come ride with us and experience the WILD WEST!!


Young Cow Hands

Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles love bringing kids to Rolling Plains Adventures as it offers a down-to-earth fun vacation with the added benefit of a little education. The horseback riding generates the most excitement. The Wranglers teach proper care of the horse and supervise while hands-on learning occurs in the corral. Safety is our #1 priority. We determine the appropriate age to ride based on a child’s maturity level rather than age. To be able to ride outside of the corral and in control of their own horse, the child must demonstrate the ability to follow directions and pay attention.


Horse back riding

Children generally ride separate from adults but if their skill level is appropriate, they can go on the more advanced rides. If desired, adults may also accompany the children.

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