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Conservation & Preservation Efforts Ensure A Pristine Wilderness

Guests come to the Black Leg Ranch for its natural beauty, clean air, recreation, rest and relaxation. To ensure that these elements will be here today and live into the future for all to enjoy, the Black Leg Ranch is committed to the protection, conservation and preservation of the environment that surrounds the ranch. We have implemented numerous programs to conserve our natural resources

  • Bathroom facilities have been upgraded with improved fixtures saving an estimated 50,000 gallons of water each year. We also use geothermal means of heating and air-conditioning.

  • Recycling bins have been placed throughout the Black Leg Ranch.

  • Fluorescent light bulbs have been installed.

  • We continue to plant new trees and vegetation throughout the Black Leg Ranch property.

  • To further preserve our natural spring water supply, we invite our guests to put towels they would like replaced in the bathtub and hang towels on the rack that they wish to reuse.

  • We seed with no-till farm machinery to reduce fuel used. We also plant cover crops to improve the soils organic matter and reduce the amounts of fertilizers that need to be applied.

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